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“Over the years I have seen and read a lot of books on The Beatles, but this one is an amazing piece of work. Clearly a labour of love, the detail in this book is staggering – beautifully illustrated and covering every album The Beatles ever made in a truly original way. This is a book that every true Beatles fan will want to own.” – Bev Bevan, ex-Move, ELO, Black Sabbath, currently of The Bev Bevan Band.

“With Visualising the Beatles, John Pring and Rob Thomas trace the contours of the Beatles’ incredible career in all of its pictorial splendor. Through an arresting collection of Beatles-oriented illustrations and infographics, they challenge casual fans and die-hard aficionados alike to ‘see’ John, Paul, George, and Ringo in vastly new and revealing ways” – Kenneth Womack, author of The Beatles Encyclopedia

“A magical history tour” – The Guardian

Visualising The Beatles uses the new science and art of infographics to retell a familiar narrative in an entirely new way. This entertaining, informative, and beautifully presented book offers an ideal introduction to the band and also contains detailed research that will surprise even long time fans.” – Jon Stewart, guitarist in Sleeper and Total Guitar columnist

“The Beatles’ catalogue is so vast and influential, only a data-led approach like this can help us truly make sense of it. Love is all you need, but visualisations can help too.” – Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Google and author of Facts Are Sacred

“Pring and Thomas trace the Beatles’ incredible career in all of its pictorial splendor. Along the way, they succeed in educating the casual fan about the band mates’ humble origins, evolving fashion choices, and chart-eclipsing hits. But perhaps even more impressively, Pring and Thomas take the Beatles’ story into the realm of musicology, demonstrating—or, to be more accurate, illustrating—the ways in which they transformed from a simple four-part rock combo into a bravura musical unit of staggering proportions.” – The Huffington Post

“Gorgeous infographics … a fun, well laid out look at the data behind some of the catchiest and most influential songs ever written” – Gizmodo

“For Beatles superfans and data geeks, this book is a dream” – Column Five Media, authors of Visual Storytelling

“Puts The Beatles back on the charts … for any Beatles fan there’s a lot to like” – Fast Company

“The evolution of the Fab Four has never before been documented in such a concise, exciting and beautiful way” – Damian Keyes

“What happens when data nerds consume a music album” – Kickstarter (Staff Pick and featured on Kickstarter’s Projects We Love)